Musalaha UK
Musalaha UK

Musalaha UK exists to facilitate and support Musalaha's work in the Holy Land by:

  • Praying 
    We have a prayer team underpinning all that we do 
  • Presenting
    Our team deliver talks, presentations, workshops and seminars around the whole country
  • Organising
    We put on a range of open events throughout the year, often bringing over speakers who are personally involved in the work of reconciliation in the Holy Land
  • Running Tours 
    We organise specialised visits and programmes to the Holy Land - we can even tailor a specific tour for groups that you may wish to put together
  • Educating
    In addition to furthering knowledge and experience of the situation in Israel/Palestine through all of the above opportunities, we also publish a variety of publications, and produce video presentations on issues surrounding conflict and reconciliation
  • Fundraising
    Our fundraisng efforts exist to support the work of Musalaha in the Holy Land - all Musalaha UK staff work on a voluntary basis


To see more of the work that we support go to the Musalaha website here

We are located at:

Musalaha UK

PO Box  1539

Tring HP23 9BH

Telephone: 01442 502255


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