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Promoting reconciliation throughout the UK as demonstrated in the life and teaching of Jesus, and supporting the work of Musalaha in the Holy Land

A Letter of Lamentation

A Message from our Friends in Jerusalem



We at Musalaha lament the devastation and unfolding tragedies in Gaza and Sourthern Israel. We stand firmly against the embrace, use and justification of violence against civilian populations in the name of justice, vengeance and liberation. We are distressed and overwhelmed, never having seen this scale of inhumanity, anguish, rage and hatred before. 


As the number of people killed continues to rise daily, we lament for all those who have lost loved ones and pray for comfort over their bereaved families. We mourn all the lives of civilians killed and the ones fleeing for their lives; we mourn for all homes destroyed and futures interrupted. We pray for the medical teams and journalists facing chaos and adversity, healing for the injured, and for the released of all civilian (Israeli and Foreign National) hostages in Gaza.


We lament thesse recent events as part of the larger context we have been writing and warning about for years. We grieve the normalised systemic policies and practices that have been oppressing and denying Palestinians their basic human rights and freedoms. We call for the immediate lift of the indiscriminate siege of Gaza where over 2 million people are currently enduring collective punishment, cut off from water, food, fuel, medicine, and electricity. We call for the deployment of humanitarian aid and vital resources to be fully restored. 


We lament people who, in the name of justice, have allowed rage to perpetuate the cycle of dehumanisation and excuse bloodshed; as seen with Hamas' attacks and the Israeli army's response. We lament the rhetoric fuelling exclusive and racist narratives that can only lead to further vengeance and violence. We lament the damaging and barren role internaitonal state actors have played, sabotaging the possibilities of a just reality. 


Musalaha purposefully exists outside this ongoing cycle of violence, believing in challenging systemic violence as well as vengeful violence reacting to it. As we imagine a better world, we call our friends to practice empathy, express comfort and support our vision of a just peace. We invite both Palestinians and Israelis to see the dignity and humanity of the other by non-violenting co-resisting together for a better future. 


The Holy Land - Where It All Began

Musalaha UK was started as an offshoot to Musalaha. Based in Jerusalem, Musalaha is a non-denominational, Christian charity, ministering through reconciliation across the division that defines the conflict in Israel / Palestine.


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Following on from their model, we seek to advance education and raise awareness of the biblical principles of reconciliation, as well as highlighting barriers to peace in Israel/Palestine, and sharing how Musalaha has pioneered success between divided communities. 



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What We Do


Prayer underpins everything we do. We have a dedicated prayer team, and we'd love to invite you to join us in this.


We partner with churches and community groups across the UK to host events promoting the principles of reconciliation and stories of reconciliation in Israel/Palestine


We raise money and awareness to support the work of Musalaha in the Holy Land.

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