Musalaha UK

Promoting reconciliation throughout the UK as demonstrated in the life and teaching of Jesus, and supporting the work of Musalaha in the Holy Land

The Holy Land - Where It All Began

Musalaha UK was started as an offshoot to Musalaha. Based in Jerusalem, Musalaha is a non-denominational, Christian charity, ministering through reconciliation across the division that defines the conflict in Israel / Palestine.


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Following on from their model, we seek to advance education and raise awareness of the biblical principles of reconciliation, as well as highlighting barriers to peace in Israel/Palestine, and sharing how Musalaha has pioneered success between divided communities. 



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What We Do


Prayer underpins everything we do. We have a dedicated prayer team, and we'd love to invite you to join us in this.


We partner with churches and community groups across the UK to host events promoting the principles of reconciliation and stories of reconciliation in Israel/Palestine


We raise money and awareness to support the work of Musalaha in the Holy Land.

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Musalaha UK

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