Prayer Requests






  • Pray that our hearts grow in capacity for compassion and empathy. Pray that we all, yourselves included, act in the interest of each other's humanity and dignity

  • Pray we remain grounded amidst the turmoil and devastation by reminding ourselves of our humanity. Pray that God leads us to face our common pain and reveal shared love, instead of becoming numb and standing idle. Give us strength and bravery to re-find each other and ourselves in this darkness. 

  • In spite of all this pain and suffering, we recognise God in those who are risking their lives to bake bread; those who work in the hospitals and rescure people from rubble; those who comfort the traumatised and provide them safe homes. Thank God with us for their selflessness and their presence in anguish. 

In this time, we also encourage you to use the letter of lament on the homepage as a basis for your own prayer time. 




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