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Musalaha UK supports the work of Musalaha through hosting events for those in the UK to learn first-hand, from the Executive Director and the Musalaha team, about the work of reconciliation. 

“In my years visiting the Land since 1969, Musalaha is one of the few organizations I’ve come across that is actually doing, delivering and engaging – as opposed to merely talking about – reconciliation. It’s not talking about strategies that need to be put into action, it’s not talking about what ought to happen or an ideal theoretical plan. It is actually engaging in the challenging work of bringing people together, risking being misunderstood and criticized.


Musalaha is seeking to do what our Father wanted us to do: to honor the words of Jesus, to honor the prayers of Jesus, to honor the requests of Jesus. To maintain the unity in the Spirit— that is what Musalaha is about.”


John Drake BA. MBE 

CEO, Boundary Breakers

Here at Musalaha UK, we have five key areas of our work:



We have a prayer team underpinning everything that we do.



We put on a range of open events throughout the year, often bringing over speakers who are directly involved in the work of reconciliation in the Holy Land.



Our team delivever talks, presentations, workshops and seminars around the UK. 



We publish a variety of publications and produce video presentations on issues surrounding conflict and reconciliation.



Our fundraising efforts exist to support the work of Musalaha in the Holy Land - all Musalaha UK staff work on a voluntary basis.


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